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Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Embassy of Finland, Warsaw


Ul. Fr. Chopina 4/8
00-559 Warszawa, Poland
Tel: +48 22 598 9500, Fax: +48 22 621 3442
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This is FINLAND Magazine 2018–2019 turns its eyes to the next 100 years

tiF Magazine 2018-2019Following Finland's centenary celebrations, This is FINLAND Magazine 2018–2019, the annual English-language publication showcasing Finnish expertise and experts, is turning its gaze far ahead into the future. More...

The new visual identity of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs reacts to world events

Photo: Ministry for Foreign Affairs of FinlandThe new visual identity of the Foreign Service conveys the message of an organisation that operates in a stable manner in a turbulent world and that works to make the world a better place. The special feature of the identity is the innovative utilisation of the logo in the visualisation of data. More...

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